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Tired of overpaying for
your prescriptions?

We are too, so we created a convenient way for you to get your medicine for free. No coupons, no gimmicks and no fake prices.

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Includes over 800 of the most prescribed drugs
in America

for free

This Pharmacy Program has been designed to make the most used, generic medications available for FREE to everyone. These drugs are typically used to treat conditions like diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, and depression.

Lowest Cost Medications in the Industry

Through our relationships and buying power, we can supply you with over-the-counter medications like Allegra, Ibuprofen, Tylenol and others at a fraction of the cost. Save money on the medications you use every day and have them delivered right to your door!

Home Delivery Maintenance Medications for Chronic conditions for free

Maintenance medications for chronic conditions will be shipped to members in a 90-day prescription. In many cases for less money than a 30-day supply at your traditional pharmacy. See the difference and try home delivery today!

Professionals you can count on

DaisyRX has a team of highly educated, well-trained pharmacists (RPh and/or PharmD) with decades of clinical experience. Our pharmacists are focused on helping patients achieve the highest quality of life through medication, counseling, education and adherence to the latest pharmacology standards.

Stop Overpaying For Prescriptions…
It’s easy!

With decades of real world knowledge, we set out to build the most efficient and cost-effective pharmacy in the United States.

We have the most high-tech software, hardware and processing system around and utilize its capabilities to deliver medications within 1-3 days right to your door for prices you won’t find anywhere else.

how it works

Step 1

Sign up for your membership card

You get a convenient membership card that you can access electronically or print to get access to all of our medications for free!

Step 2

Search our list of 800+ generic medications

Identify the medications you are taking and compare what you have paid for them to what we offer, usually free, with us!

Step 3

Call our pharmacy coaches to review your medications

Our team is here to help. We will make sure your medications are on the list or find therapeutically similar ones.

Step 4

Transfer your prescriptions or your doctor can e-prescribe to us

Transferring e-prescriptions can be difficult so our pharmacy team does it aLL for you!

Step 5

We will contact you to confirm your order and collect payment

We always make sure everything is accurate. We double-check the prescription and securely place your order.

Step 6

Receive your medication(s)

Have chronic condition medications shipped to your home for free!

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Member ID

Every member is issued a membership ID card, either a plastic one or a digitally downloaded version to your phone. This card has all the information you or your Doctor will need to send prescriptions. Your card can be used at over 64,000 locations for your acute medications and to order all your chronic medications for FREE home delivery.

All family members are on your card for eligibility as well as phone numbers and important information for your doctor to send prescriptions.

E-prescriptions for everyone!

for free

Prescription drug prices have skyrocketed over the last few years to the point people can no longer afford them. You shouldn’t have to choose between feeding your family or taking your medications. We have created a new concept where you actually PAY NOTHING for your prescriptions. Through strategic partnerships and our buying power, we can get you access to the most used generic medications for free!


Members can get 90% of the most prescribed acute (immediate-need) medications (e.g., Erythromycin, Amoxicillin, Acyclovir and more!)


Members can get 90% of the most prescribed chronic care (maintenance) medications (e.g., Buspirone, Warfarin, Atorvastatin and more!)



Providers can electronically send prescriptions to your local pharmacy or home delivery service.

Membership ID card

Digitally downloaded version to your phone or one will be mailed to you.

Drug search

Search the list of 800+ Generic Medications and compare what you have paid for them

Member Portal

24/7 access to a Member Portal that has your account details, digital membership ID card, drug formularies, privacy information, allergies, medical conditions, program documents and more!

Pharmacy Coaching

Helping patients achieve the highest quality of life through medication, counseling, education and adherence to the latest pharmacology standards.

Acute Medications

(Immediate Need)
If you have an immediate need for these types of medications, members will be able to pick up these medications at their local retail pharmacy.

Maintenance Medications

(Chronic Need)
Maintenance drugs are medications prescribed for chronic, long-term conditions and are taken on a regular, recurring basis.

Over-The-Counter Medications

We offer the most common over-the-counter medications, such as Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen, Fexofenadine and others at a fraction of the price.

Diabetes Supplies & Medications

This is an extraordinary program for members with diabetes in which they will get a FREE meter, low cost testing strips, lancets, and more.

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