Proactive Mental Health Program Focused
On High Utilization.

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Simple to its core.
Robust in its nature.

Unified Case Management System (UCMS)

Used worldwide, our case management system is compliant with data protection regulations in all countries.

Unified communication system

The Avaya telephony platform connects all b-cares service centers to one another, which is key for business continuity.

ISO 27001 certification

With an information security team dedicated to maintaining confidentiality, privacy and ISO 27001 certification of the information security management system.

Proven systems

working collaboratively

Proven Capabilities

b-cares has strategically pieced together a suite of vital components that were previously utilized separately into one cohesive, highly functioning mental health program.


We are committed to providing a program that supports participants with life hurdles as they arise by making constant improvements to prepare for the next challenge.

Remove The Stigma

The b-cares advanced methodology is built upon the concept of high utilization for large-scale support and the belief that the services should be leveraged before problems arise.


From telephonic mindfulness programs, to mobile apps using phone, video, instant message, and SMS text, to in-person consultation, the b-cares system utilizes the most advanced technology available and presented in a streamlined, engaging format for employers and employees.

Services & Support

Leveraged modern technology in conjunction with a carefully selected catalog of cross-functioning services knitted together that are available 24/7 and work collaboratively across the b-cares platform and with your workforce.

Local Presence

The state-of-the-art international call centers are located in the US. And additional are located in the UK, Ireland, Canada, Portugal, France, Belgium, the UAE, Indonesia, India, China, Japan, and Singapore for clients that require a global reach.

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I Connect You

iConnectYou is an innovative app that allows users to engage with their benefit via phone, video, instant messaging, or SMS text.

The app can also be used to deliver structured telephonic or video counseling 24 hours a day with support for over 10 languages.

For Employee/Member
  • Assists employees/members in the most efficient and comprehensive manner.
  • Can be accessed by a single toll-free number.
  • Offers an end-user website with content applicable to ‘members.’
  • Emotional concerns and day-to-day worries.
  • Evokes a sense of trust and confidence for members.
  • Flexible in guiding each member to a solution that addresses their concerns.
  • Has a nationwide network of providers for in-person counseling, training, and critical incident support.
  • Multiple language support.
  • One number to access the help they need.
For the Organization
  • Convey a single message through provided promotional materials so members easily understand the solution and how best to utilize it
  • Access to download banners, physical signage files, videos, email copy templates, and brochures/handouts.
  • Provides a single point of contact for the organization.
  • Delivers unified reports and single invoices to simplify the ‘client`s administrative tasks associated with vendor management.
  • Enhances existing benefits without affecting renewal costs.
  • Support extends to the entire family, not just the employee.
  • Automated eligibility management.


Standard x
Technology x
Additional x
Short-Term Counseling

The primary counseling model we use is short-term solution-focused therapy that concentrates on helping participants identify the skills, strengths and resources that are already present and moves them towards a solution.


We provide provider’s contact within two business days. The counselor will have availability for the first session within five days of the initial assessment. The employee works with the counselor to schedule each session.


Alternate modality of support for participants experiencing life stress, pain and challenges with focus and concentration, as well as those who want to increase their awareness of and commitment to intentional living.

Computerized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (cCBT)

The case manager-assisted self-help online program suggests techniques and tasks to moderate anxiety, stress and depression. Participants have access for six months.


Specialized support for managers is available through the telephonic ManagerAssist program to learn how to encourage employees to seek help with whatever challenges they may face.

Work-Life Services

We provide participants with consultation, educational information, and qualified resources to support their more practical work-life balance challenges with respect to the local practices from country to country.

Life Coaching

Certified telephonic coaches partner with participants in a thought-provoking, creative process for navigating life transitions and maximizing personal and professional potential, in different career skills.

Wellbeing Website

Our global wellbeing website complements the telephonic and face-to-face services available in 27 dialects through the employee support program. The resource for in-the-moment information in the wake of a crisis.


Strong marketing and communication of the employee support program to maximize every opportunity to create awareness of the service and increase utilization by making a personal connection with employees.


Account manager will work with clients to coordinate and deliver an employee and manager orientations. The employee presentations provide a thorough understanding of how the employee support program works.

Recorded webinars

The recorded audio/video webinars, one version for managers and one for employees, located on the website for access at any time to answer frequently asked questions about the employee support program and provide case studies.


The designated account manager will meet clients quarterly to review your confidential management utilization reports, analyze data, identify trends, and adapt the program based on results.

Global account management

Our model ensures that we deliver the ease of program management at the corporate level, with regional/local support consistently available in all locations around the world, while still adapting to local cultures.

Wellness coaching

Participants and coaches commonly design wellness plans around weight management, nutrition, tobacco cessation, physical activity, stress management, and overall lifestyle improvement.

Global Wellbeing Questionnaire ( GWQ)

The GWQ is a brief web assessment of the user’s well-being with a focus on the risk factors that most negatively impact health. The GWQ uses questions regarding physical health and scoring methodologies.

Depression and Anxiety Support

Extended clinical intervention of up to 20 face to face sessions designed to address the needs of those with the symptoms of depression or anxiety and provide pertinent information to the participant’s general medical practitioner.

Facilitators and experts

Facilitators are experts in a variety of fields work with an experienced network of professional facilitators to deliver on-site or online sessions and to provide interactive exploration of relevant topics.

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