The most proactive solution for working families, providing support from planning a family through caring for an adult loved one.

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What Cleo members are saying...


report that Cleo helped them have higher confidence as a parent


say they would stay with a current employer if they have another child


report an improvement to their mental health in 6 week


are more likely to feel valued as a working parent

support solutions

end-to-end caregiver

Lowered costs, improved outcomes

Cleo’s proactive care model identifies high-risk members that need support and education on actions that can improve their care.

Utilization of valuable benefits

Cleo Guides help members use the right benefits at the right time resulting in 3x increased engagement in the programs and partners employers have already invested in.

Expanded culture of inclusivity

Cleo’s inclusive care is designed to meet the needs of all working families along with specialized programs that help bridge gaps in health disparities impacting BIPOC and LGBTQIA families.

Family Digital Platform

  • Trusted longitudinal relationship with designated Cleo Guide
  • LifePathsSM to support high need members, like NICU, Mental Health, Neurodiversity and Alzheimer’s disease
  • Curated articles, videos, expert workshops, personalized tips, and in-app assessments
  • Cleo Connect: group sessions across family cohorts
  • Health plans & employer benefits integration and navigation
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Cleo’s not just a resource, the employees have someone they can talk to.


of Cleo parents return to work after parental leave


of members recommend their employer


lower cesarean birth rates than the national average

Health Plans

  • Planning for pregnancy
  • Fertility, adoption, and surrogacy
  • Supporting a healthy pregnancy
  • Lactation, infant feeding, and sleep
  • NICU & other high-risk infant support
  • Postpartum healing & mental health
  • Developmental milestones
  • Neurodivergence screening & navigation
  • Education & playtime activities
  • Support for special health care needs
  • Nutrition & healthy eating habits
  • Matching child care needs with solutions
  • Emotional support & mental health
  • Teens with special health care needs
  • Positive parenting & family dynamics
  • Navigating peer pressure & bullying
  • Fostering a positive body image
  • College & future planning
  • Healthy aging & planning for long-term care
  • Support Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s disease
  • Fall & hip fracture prevention in the elderly
  • Stroke, heart failure, chronic kidney disease, and depression
  • NICU & other high-risk infant support
  • End-of-life care
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Technology x
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Outcome-driven LifePathsSM

Powered by predictive and prescriptive insights, Cleo’s LifePathsSM recommend next best actions to improve care

Global care network

Specialized care teams provide 1:1 culturally concordant support to address the complete spectrum of family needs

Family Digital Platform

Cleo delivers a highly personalized, curated, and omnichannel member experience focused on end-to-end support

Best birth plan

Around 25% of today’s cesarean births are avoidable. With the right preparation during a pregnancy, guidance and provider selection, birthing parents can increase their odds of having a safe and successful natural childbirth. The clinician-designed best birth plan helps parents plan and prepare for a safe and healthy birth.

Mental health support

Half of perinatal women with a diagnosis of depression do not get the treatment they need. With Cleo's Mental Health Pulse Checks, over 75% that were connected with mental health support saw improvement within six weeks.

Return to work

Returning to work after welcoming a baby or family leave can be an uncomfortable and difficult transition. Cleo supports members throughout this transition with a return to work rate surpassing the national average.

Child care & enrichment

From finding a nanny or babysitter, to vetting and securing a place at a daycare or preschool, to tailored solutions for after-school, camp, or enrichment needs—no matter what an employee’s child care needs and constraints may be, Cleo can piece together a personalized plan and help put it into action.

College & future planning

The college enrollment rate of recent high school graduates has declined in recent years. Cleo meets each family where they are to create a roadmap with resources customized to their child’s goals and needs.


Over 15% of parents have a child diagnosed with autism, ADHD, or a developmental disability. Cleo helps these families build healthy environments and support systems to reduce challenges and create more capacity for joy and success.

Inclusive support

Traditional healthcare has often fallen short for BIPOC, LGBTQIA, and other marginalized populations. Cleo provides content and support that is diverse and inclusive helping bridge the gaps in health disparities.

Special health care needs

Caregiving for a loved one with special health care needs can be overwhelming. Cleo supports members by helping them find the right resources to support personal care needs of their loved one, helped them plan for long term care and help manage their stress, improve their confidence and screen for mental health symptoms.

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