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How We Help Employees

Research shows strong links between the gut and our immune response, metabolic conditions like diabetes, and our mental health. With GIThrive, our members are able to reduce the impact that disease has on their life:

  • Better overall health
  • Increased quality of life
  • Increased energy and ability to focus at work
  • Personalized care and someone to call 24/7
  • Behavioral therapy for better habits and medication adherence

How It Works

Comprehensive Digital Platform

GIThrive is our all-in-one technology platform. By using a holistic approach, we provide more actionable insights than ever to help your members manage their digestive conditions.

Expert Insights & Guidance

Members get 24/7 support from nurses, a registered dietitian, and a Health Coach, who are in turn supported by a multidisciplinary team of pharmacists, research psychologists, microbiome scientists, and gastroenterology professionals.

GutCheck Microbiome Analysis

When GIThrive members send in their GutCheck, it starts a conversation. The Care Team gets a clear view of a member’s individual gut chemistry to help guide personalized care plans.

Monitoring & Analysis

Our all-in-one solution combines nutrition education, one-on-one coaching, symptom monitoring, and individualized analysis to reduce dependence on specialty medications, increase quality of life, and prevent costly flare-ups.

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The digestive system is deeply connected to every function of the human body. Gut health is intrinsically linked to everything from immunity to psychological well-being.

$136 billion

Annual cost of GI disease —greater than heart disease, trauma, or mental health.


Every year, there are 8.3 million ER visits for digestive complaints.


Prescription drugs for ONE person with digestive disease can cost $72,000/year.

Guided by a personal Care Team

  • Dietitian
    Our registered dietitians work with members to create personalized nutrition and meal plans that are realistic and beneficial for the member. Many GIThrive users that work with our dietitians find that not only do they feel better, but that they are able to enjoy eating and preparing meals again.
  • Health Coach
    Health Coaches are experts in assisting patients on their journey, and provide real-life human encouragement along the way. Because the gut is so closely tied with the brain, your members will have 24/7 access to our health coaches to guide them through the psychological effects of making significant behavioral life changes.


Personalized Intake

Through our personalized intake survey, members get a tailored experience based on their specific symptoms, conditions and concerns.

Care Team

Members have options for live chats and to schedule phone meetings with our registered dietitians and health coaches. Our care experts further tailor personal plans to improve digestive health.

Nutrition and Trigger Foods

We offer guided support to plan meals, avoid trigger ingredients, and set healthy eating habits. An ever-growing healthy recipe library has ideas for most digestive conditions and recommended diets.

Gut-Brain Connection

Stress and anxiety may even make digestive symptoms worse. Our health coaches are trained to talk out concerns and provide healthy support.

Behavioral Psychology

Behavioral tools in the app and recommendations from our Care Team help members to take actions everyday to feel better from the inside out. From breaking bad habits to forming new healthy ones, we customize recommendations based on real life.

Gut-Side Assistance

When symptoms there’s a flare-up our nurses are on-call 24/7, 365 days a year. We can help members find fast relief or determine if emergency medical assistance is needed. Making a first call to GIThrive can help avoid costly ER visits.

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